I-Rok Gems is a culmination of decades of exploration into adorning myself and those around me. I have been making, buying, and/or selling jewelry for over 30 years. There is something ancient and mystical in the act of using my hands with the elements of earth, and I continue to be inspired by it every day.


I am a small batch artist. I enjoy being playful when making jewelry and following where the materials take me. Within my body of work you can expect to see series with similar threads and variations in stones, to one of a kind pieces that stand alone. I am not a manufacture. My favorite materials are crystals, rocks, minerals, and fancy gemstones. I love to pound on metal, play with shapes, lines, and texture, and generally have fun while making pretty things.


 'Jewelry for all Seasons'


Keep an eye out for upcoming events and exciting opportunities to adorn yourself while supporting women globally!